Fishing is a bit like photographie – you wait, and wait – and nothing special happens. For ages you are used to get nothing but ordinary pictures. And then you find a gold fish, because he is waiting for you in the middle of a park in Shenyang. My little friend on this picture could only speak chinese, and I’m not too much of a talker in that language but he seems to be very happy even without words. Got a gold fish today – Now I am happy and can go to bed.

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3 Comments to “Fishing”

  1. Cutest. picture. ever.

    • thanks – you should have seen his happiness, when I allowed him to shoot me with my camerea – even though he really disapproved of the heaviness of my camera .. 🙂 how is finland? where do you continue to go to school?

  2. Aaw, I can imagine that he was happy! Finland is okay – a bit too chilly though. I don’t know yet. I called today to Belgium in order to ask, if they could hurry up with accepting or not accepting my documents. They told me that they can’t hurry up. So I might know just few days before school actually starts. Sucks. :/

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