Living in 中国 – Part 2

My first couple of days are over here in my new home in china and besides posting photos all around I have also decided to do a small first mesh up of video clips. Don’t worry if this episode of Living in 中国 is a little to hectic – thats just how life is here. My first few days in the city if Shenyang cover some of the following topics:

  • Buying Food
  • Buying Bikes
  • Making fools out of us by not being able to speak chinese
  • A wonderful city and its inhabitants

Thanks for this episode can only go to all the wonderful chinese people who can not speak english but are one of the nicest kind in the world. They will always help you out even if that means calling the whole street up to help to large weird looking individuals – China is surprising me for good!

One Comment to “Living in 中国 – Part 2”

  1. very brave of you eating that fishtale… Not my favorite eighter – I think.

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