Soccer Team

Got my own little Soccer Team together – When walking around south of our district I found these 10 never resting soccer monsters – Next week I’ll join them and their parents again to learn chinese and teach them some english – I guess Finland is following more than expected! its just great to be a foreigner in China!

Picture Credits go completely to Jeanette!

4 Comments to “Soccer Team”

  1. All the pics by Jeanette? Well – she’s learning fast..! Be aware of that Max 😛

    • Well – as long es the settings of the camera and the after edit in the computer are done by me I am a little less worried 🙂 But in fact she is picking up quick!

  2. Lad dir mal die EISERN UNION Hymne runter. Du weist, du stehst im “Tunnel of Fame”. Na dann viel Spaß beim Training und mit den kids und Eltern!

    • Danke – aber erst mal steht doch englisch auf dme Programm – nach ich war je erst einmal froh, dass ich überhaupt die deutsche Fußball ehre aufrecht erhalten konnte.

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