Living in 中国 Part 3

Some time has passed since the last episode and more than blogging it was about real adventures in this crazy country. Once again Youssef has been visiting me in a foreign country. He has done so in Finland and once again we had a great time discovering my current home country. Together with Jeanette we hiked through the national Park in Anchan. Since we were all not very fluent in the chinese language we asked some deaf-mute chinese friends to write us down the directions. Considering the odds it has worked fantastic and we were a lot of experiences richer. We enjoyed the friendly nature of the chinese nation and were eager to give them a photo opportunity of us as well. Even if nobody in this country can speak english they will never fail to try to help you. Now please enjoy Episode #3!


4 Comments to “Living in 中国 Part 3”

  1. looks like you’re having an awesome time and don’t miss Germany at all. keep it up! 🙂

    • Well – I would not put it like that, but China is engaging me quite a lot. Proffesionally and personally my whole surrounding has changed – adapting is both fun and just a great challenge at the same time. Hope your life in Germany is about the same and you don’t drown either 🙂

  2. that wasn’t meant as an accusation at all. your excitement and joy translates very well through this blog, so this was actually a compliment. have fun and enjoy yourself! i’ll try not to drown…

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