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September 27, 2011

Little Accidents and their implications

Some of you have noticed that it has been notably quite on this page for quite some while now.

Reason being is not my usual habit of being depressed with writing, but an incident while having a wonderful weekend in the Town of Fuxin with Jeanette and Toni about a week ago.

Toni is one of our two english learning chinese Kids. Toni had been inviting us to his wonderful family and friends. Of course the peace was not kept long and I quickly began fighting with the little monsters. Little did I know what I had started, when I let myself fall in the most dramatic way and splinted my hand with some wicked corn stump. I spare you the details (and pictures) of the following improvised operation with a wonderful chinese doctor and supporting Toni.

Much rather I want to express my thanks to Jeanette (for putting up with all the work that gets left behind when you have only one hand), Tonis family (for calling a doctor immediately, and him being actually a “clean” one), and the wonderful Team of BBA ISOS Clinic for taking care of a quite nasty infection in my hand for the whole last week. I am not sure when everything will be in order completely again but for right now I am quite relieved with the steps forward!



P.S.: I will reply to all the left behind emails, messages, texts, .. as soon as possible. Stay patient.

September 18, 2011

Living Food

or whatever you want to call this poor fella that I met in the northern part of Shenyang. Even though all the bird flu, SARS and countless other deseases have hit Asia and especially China quite hard the chinese people still strongly prefer living food in the middle of their streets. From my own first hand smelling experience I can promise you that this can’t be healthy. Nevertheless I have to admit that the food is marvelous in this country – so it can’t be that bad after all!

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September 17, 2011

Luxury Troubles

I have told you that there is a fast growing number of chinese middle class people. One apparent sign are all these fancy cars on the street – apparently though you do run into serious problems if you own a specific fast german sports car. It seems as if the chinese government hasn’t thought of this particular problem of people getting rhich..

September 16, 2011

Living in 中国 Part 4 – The Wedding

No – not my own (!) but the wedding of my Team Assistance Jessica. A couple of weeks ago I had the great honor of being invited to her wedding after being in China for just a couple of days.

Being on time (9:27am) as it was Jessica’s wish I enjoyed a great wedding. Despite having to be wake up early I was surprised of the colorful ceremony and the fantastic overloading lunch that was served for all Guests.

Just one thing irritated me: I have never been to a german wedding (actually I have never been to a wedding) but I am quite sure that you are supposed to shut up in my home country. Chinese people prefer to play around with their phones and chat amongst each other while the couple up fron tenjoys one of its most holy days. I know I am supposed to have some tolerance here, but that was too much for me. In any case It was a great day and I want to wish the two all the best for the future!

September 16, 2011

My New Camera

(Bag) Isn’t that cool? I need it right now!

Found on Zhong Jie in Shenyang, China.

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September 15, 2011

Hongkong Review

Being on the way back I have some time before the next wave of Chinese impressions hits me and I can reflect on a wonderful weekend in the south of china. Actually most of the time has been spent in hongkong (which is not china!) and featured us with a mix of world Capitol and relaxed multicultural way of living. Having spend their four days we experienced a surprisingly calm city who impressed us with it’s clean appearance (one thing you’ll rarely find in Chinese cities) and a nearly hundred percent english speaking population.

Highlights have been the traditional double story trams (I have no clue how the actually hold upright consideringtheirageandbuild), the festivities for the mid autumn festival (the reason why this holiday could be extended to Monday ..), a tour with the humangous cable car and just the best sea food we had so far in china.

In order to skip the usual tourist gifts we decided to provide ourselves with three custom fit suits that we cherished quite a lot and will which continue to go on our way through china.

Honkong has been a blessing and my biggest fear going back right now is only the cold that awaits me in Shenyang. Still I look forward to staying home for the next weekend. After four weeks of straight work and traveling it will be good to have a rest for a short while. Stay safe and tuned for the next adventures to come!

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September 14, 2011

You know me?

A couple of days ago I met a new colleague at work. He greeted me cheerfully even though I had rarely seen him. apparently he had seen me before. After a couple of minutes I knew why I had been so familiar to him. After over one year the campaign that I had been a model for has finally launched. If you google ‘Max Korehnke BMW’ you should be able to find a couple of hits with that combination. I have rarely spoken about my work here on the blog.

I will continue to do so but regarding the current campaign of my employer I want to utter a few words.

I have been with the company for almost four years now. During this time I have been a member of the Trainee-Promotion Program (TPP) and to this day I enjoy enjoy great lengths of freedom. I received a wonderful vocational education, jumped through various parts of the company like engineering, production and controlling. Parallel to this time I have been a mechanical engineering student at the University of Applied Science in Munich.

Lately I have even been granted with the opportunity to go to China for seven months to build up a new Factory Shenyang. BMW has provided me with the freedom to fulfill my dreams in the midst of a global company producing fascinating pieces of engineering art. I want to thank them for their support. If you have any questions regarding my life in the company or your chances to join BMW in general feel free to ask me privately or flip through their webpage.

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September 9, 2011


And so we are of again – this time to Hongkong. Ahead of us lays a great weekend. Inluded in our package are the following tasks: fetching Youssef and David from the south, celebrating Jeanettes Birthday in the blazing sun, being spontaneous and really having no clue of what we are actually gonna do their. You see, all the right ingredients for just another adventure in the midst of Chinese life. See you all back Monday night!

September 6, 2011

On top of the World

Without a real comment – life is just great right now!

Taken in Beijing during a public Dance performance last Sunday.

September 6, 2011

New China – New Zealand Podcast

Well, actually it is the first podcast that has been recorded from China and New Zealand. In the third episode we finally broadcast our experiences directly from our two new home countries. Having some difficulties to actually select a recording time in our busy lifes Max agreed to wake up early and Bene skipped school. Topics of this episode are the unexpected Winter in New Zealand, a Chinese Wedding, Sleeping Bus drivers and broken Bikes.

Please excuse the bad audio quality but even after three podcast episodes we still face struggles to keep all of our equipment in shape. Enjoy the news from around the world and keep us posted what happens in your life – Comments and Feedback are (as every time) greatly appreciated!