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October 17, 2011

Living in 中国 Part 5 – Phoenix Mountain

Having travelled nearly every weekend of the last weeks my podcast series had not have a chance to catch up with all the events. Anyway I have not given up in publishing a film every once in a while.

Living in 中国 Part 5 – covers Jeanette and my adventure to Phoenix Mountain. Having nothing more than a couple of pieces of paper (to make sure we actually get the right trains) and a desire to hike mountains we did not really know where we went. All the more surprised have we been once we saw how high the mountains are. Even more evetnful: the jam-packed trains with friendly people who had no other pleasure but to feed us for nearly four hours. Pleasing highlight of the first day has for sure been the welcoming ride to a Hotel in Tiexi. We once again want to utter our thanks to the local police who even bargained the hotel prices for us.

The second day has nearly ended in a catastrophie. Nevertheless we made it to the water caves and home with really to little money in our pockets. I am not sure why, but somehow I was very confident that this would not mean the end of a great adventure but just another one to be started. Accordingly two officers of the chinese army helped us to get from the wonderful watercaves safely home.

Amazing? To be honest: just another day in china!

October 16, 2011


just a quick reminder to myself that life is not as cold as it seems – munich and finland seems to have a lot worse time than me right now ..

October 15, 2011

Toontastic with Kevin and Tony

As in Finland I have once again started to spend my part-time as a teacher. Having my two students Tony and Kevin it is less about real teaching but more like spending a fun time and encouraging them to speak as much as possible (actually the hardest part for chinese students ..). I try to devote every meeting to some activity. Last week we had tried out a new app, that lets you create your own cartoons. It is really easy and best of all completely in english. In the end roughly six hands were frantically hitting my iPad and every once in a while I managed to trick them into saying an english word. The result can be seen in the box below – enjoy the world of Kevin and Tony

October 14, 2011

Chinese Working Safety

Even risking to be too stereotypical – is this the reason why chinese people have such small eyes? In the time while I have been in the spot nothing happened, but I really felt uncomfortable there. At least there were a couple of glass lenses covering my eyes..

October 13, 2011

Getting cold

while life is getting cold I got a beautiful end of the summer picture. Just try to focus less on driving safety and more on the pure satisfaction in the kids face..

October 10, 2011

Chinese Transportation Business

being mainly involved with transportation business right now i spent a lot of my time on the streets in big trucks with loads of cargo in my back. usually i just hectically type emails and try to organize the world around me on my phone. nevertheless today i had to look up from my mobile office.. packaging of our dear friends from volkswagen had just been too ridiculous!

p.s.: my driver made a very convincing speech (with both hands of the wheel) that this is sooooooo illegal (even in china ..)!

October 8, 2011

Good Bye Steve – 再见 Steve