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November 29, 2011

Bringing the joys of Christmas to china

Last week i received my first christmas package from my parents. One of the many items was a fabulous, multicolored German Christmas calendar. It was actually not devoted to me – I like to share after all. Tony needed some time to actually figure out not to open all windows at once (and especially not before December 1st) but after a little patient help got it quiet well. And if not, I can explain him next week again, right?


Special thanks to Katha for prove reading this horrible first version of the article – my lesson learned of the day: never write tiredly with antibiotics on a touchscreen phone with German keyboard!

November 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Emil (in Chinese)

Without words but with a great Video from me and my chinese english learning kid Tony! Happy Birthday to my very dearest and most precious favorite nephew Emil! Enjoy your special day!

November 11, 2011

Media Feed

I am a kid of the digital age and thus connected via dozen RSS feeds, web TV, blogosphere and some traditional subscriptions (on my iPad). Six years ago, when I have been for a year in the US my connection back to Germany was not that good. At home I did not have internet, nor where my teachers happy about me surfing the web when being at school. My mum (who is a journalist) had a brilliant idea. Every two months or so she would send me a big package with everything that (she thought) was relevant. Being last year in Finland and this year in China I urged her to do that favor for me once again. For some reason I never wanted to miss that feeling ever again – reading through news in fast forward – wow … Yesterday the first summary for reading arrived in China: Happy reading time!

By the way: Yes it is more fun to read news from paper, but its just so damn slow ..

November 1, 2011

Europe with Toni

Tonight I had english class with my chinese friend Toni (6th grade), and while trying to inspire him with my european culture i might have drifted of a little. Sorry to all those friends who life in countries that were moved stretched or belittled – nothing personal. Still Toni is shockes how so few people can make up so many borders – he kind of has a point their ..