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I am a kid of the digital age and thus connected via dozen RSS feeds, web TV, blogosphere and some traditional subscriptions (on my iPad). Six years ago, when I have been for a year in the US my connection back to Germany was not that good. At home I did not have internet, nor where my teachers happy about me surfing the web when being at school. My mum (who is a journalist) had a brilliant idea. Every two months or so she would send me a big package with everything that (she thought) was relevant. Being last year in Finland and this year in China I urged her to do that favor for me once again. For some reason I never wanted to miss that feeling ever again – reading through news in fast forward – wow … Yesterday the first summary for reading arrived in China: Happy reading time!

By the way: Yes it is more fun to read news from paper, but its just so damn slow ..

What are you thinking?

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