Bringing the joys of Christmas to china

Last week i received my first christmas package from my parents. One of the many items was a fabulous, multicolored German Christmas calendar. It was actually not devoted to me – I like to share after all. Tony needed some time to actually figure out not to open all windows at once (and especially not before December 1st) but after a little patient help got it quiet well. And if not, I can explain him next week again, right?


Special thanks to Katha for prove reading this horrible first version of the article – my lesson learned of the day: never write tiredly with antibiotics on a touchscreen phone with German keyboard!


5 Comments to “Bringing the joys of Christmas to china”

  1. das mit dem teilen war auch so gemeint. grüße an tony!
    Mama und Papa

  2. Wasn los, wieso Antibiotika? Biste seriously krank? Gute Besserung!

  3. Und? war der kalender leer als du diese Woche da warst?

    • Leider hat Toni die chinesische grippewelle erreicht – ich habe mich also meiner Kontrollfunktion entzogen .. So werde ich wohl einfach seinen eigenen aussagen und der mütterlichen Kontrolle Vertrauen müssen ..

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