Happy New Year


Happy new year to all of you! By now most of you have jumped to the new year and it seems (according to numerous texts, posts and tweets) as if everybody is still alive. Even I have survived the mighty Chinese fireworks and the mean Beiju (chinese rice snaps). Celebrating with a bunch of colleagues, interns and friends on the frozen river of shenyang had been a blast. On Christmas I had been missing my family back home – New years eve felt perfect to me. I had been exactly in the right spot on the right time!

Thank you all for a wonderful year 2011 – it has been a joy to be part of your life’s and to have wonderful moments in Finland, Germany, and China. I look back on a year full of wonderful events that have changed me and made me grow a lot bigger than before. I really think that 2011 has been the most eventful year yet.

I am heading with a big grin in 2012 and look forward to meet my family and friends back in Germany and Finland very soon.

Thanks for being part of the journey – the best is yet to come! Happy new year and all the best to all of you!

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