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September 11, 2012

My first attempt into wedding Photographie

A fantastic Weekend is coming to an end and I am still quite awestruck by all the impressions that I have collected in the last 48 hours – But first things first: I have been invited to my very first Wedding (if you do not count the chinese version of my Team assistance last year). My Second Cousin has got married in Schloss Wulkow close to the Polish Border and the setting couldn’t have been nicer. Of course they had planned this wedding months before and wanting me to be a their only as a guest meant, that they had already organised to professional photographers to capture all the emotions of the day. Still I wanted to practice for having to shoot my first wedding job next summer and took my small 50mm canon camera with me. Trying to take some emotional pictures with limited effort proved to be quite a blast, and my smiles during editing became bigger and bigger.

Considering how much fun I had this weekend I am really looking forward to next years big job.

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September 2, 2012

27 Pictures – 6 days – An old photographers dream

I am back in Germany and I know. I know I have not stuck to my promise. I have not posted too much about my holiday during the summer. Part of the reason is that I am not allowed to speak about some of the amazing projects at this point, but stay tuned for some great videos later that year. The other reason is that I have just really enjoyed my time and did not want to spoil the Finish summer in front of a computer. One project I want to speak about today was something I have done ten years ago and have ceased to exercise ever since. I have faced the the challenges of analog photography for a long time when starting to mess with the camera of my parents at the age of ten, but have been a true digital photographer ever since. Having enjoyed the virtues of shooting 500 pictures and more during one event, having total control with a small monitor, and knowing all ways around my small EOS 500D – I really like my way of Phototography. Nevertheless I was in for a big change this summer.

For the FLOW Festival 2012 in Helsinki I did not want to use my Large SLR but chose an option inspired by my great finish friend Satu Moilainen. Satu attempted this summer to shoot with only one instant camera and 27 pictures during the course of three months. My patience is not close to this excellence but I liked the idea way too much and bought myself and overpriced small cam and even found some time to paint it in funky colors.

My results? How did I like those 27 precious little pictures? I am not really sure – part of me is very proud to have attempted to limit myself to this small number and is surprised by the results. The other half is very certain about the incredible luck you must have with this kind of photography. Nevertheless I got the taste of it and will try to shoot more lucky photography later that year .. Stay tuned!

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