About me

My Name is Max Korehnke. I have started this blog in the spring of 2010. Raised in Berlin I have decided to move to Munich in the Summer of 2007. I am a mechanical engineering student at the UAS Munich. Having finished vocational school as an industrial mechanic I feel comfortable in a field of study that requires a hands on experience with your own creations. Next to engineering I am a passionate photographer and like to explore new media like webdesign and video.

This Blog is dedicated to a broad range of topics. Selected by what seems relevant to my life at the moment. Accordingly this blog is multicolored and at times not consistent. After all I rather choose to do the things than to blog about them – time is an issue here. Anyway I like to give more feedback on all the topics presented and gladly share my experiences.

Since August 2011 I call the Peoples Republic of China my home. As before in America and Finland I have decided to leave Germany one more time. Once again this blog will be used to document my pictures, videos and thoughts .

2 Responses to “About me”

  1. Schau doch mal auf der HP vom International Club, wer unter den Frauen auf Platz eins gelaufen ist…


    Vielleicht bedarf es hier einer Aufklärung?!?


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