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March 28, 2011

My life in Finland – An Erasmus Report

One week after coming home to germany the boring stuff wants to be done. The compulsory Erasmus report is cheerfully beating up my precious time. My university in Munich and the european Erasmus program seem to be all to eager to know what really happened to me in Finland (can’t they just read my blog?!).

I am not very talented at writing those things and thus it took some to write the paper (How do you fit Finland in 3 Pages// Can an Erasmus life and an academic career mix at all?// What did I do their anyway? ..). Finally finished I do not want it to be useless in some office spaces in Brussels. Thinking farther their might even be some useful information for future students in their. Not sure if it helps anybody but please feel free to use it as information, advertisement, or whatever your heart feels when you hear the five letters: SUOMI

Click here to retrieve my study report

Sorry, but this one is german only – anybody wants to translate, feel free to send me an english copy.

March 21, 2011

Shear Test

My first day in Munich is over but actually I have not really finished of with finland yet. Not only my memories are still swirling back to the people that I have left, but also my work. Next to organizing all kinds of stuff today at the university here in munich I also finished of the report of the shear test that I created last week in finland. As always the paper work was much more dull than the exercise, but what can you do – it’ll be like that at work as well.

What did I actually do? In order to save Arcada some money we decided to build a shear test for composite materials ourselve. I did not have a clue what this could look like and neither had my teachers. Moving on with educated guesses I went from the different stages of brainstorming to construction and from their to the workshop were I have manufactured my ideas.

So far I have always done the mentioned phases only seperately. I have never had the chance to do it all in a joined effort. Quite exciting to see something develop by your own hands from the first idea to the final testing. After my work was finished on friday at 4pm (I did not have much spare time in case of failures for this project ..) I was keen on playing a little around. I have to say that I would like to optimize it. Anyway I am happy to know the competent people who will be able to play around with it much longer and careful. Special thanks to Erland for all the great advices throughout my work on that project.

Closing words: An intense project which I still don’t know how i finished it in time. Let this be a good bye gift to Arcada from a very satisfied exchange student!

March 4, 2011

(Dr.) zu Guttenberg is gone ..

and i am just on my way to one of the last big celebration of my Erasmus stay in Finland. The TLK Årsfets (Annual Ball of my Student Union Organization) is just about to start. Pray for my wonderful glued hair, my liver and everybody around me tonight – its gonna be a good one – i am sure of that!

Oh and everybody who is wondering why i do not respond to emails the whole weekend .. Here is the schedule that i used to explain the whole finish madness to my dear roommate Enrico..

February 21, 2011

Tack så mycket Milena!

A bit late, but not too late i have had the honour of giving Milena Moressi (Our international Coordinator at Arcada Nylands Svenska) a “Thank You Poster” of the Exchange Students of the WS 2010. Thanks to Olga and Freya who managed to put together this little poster Milena was really touched today and asked me to express her deep grattitude to all of you. We, as Exchange students want to thank Milena for an outstanding personal care that was unused to most of us. Unfortunatelly we are quite sure that this level of caring is not accessible in our home universities. Of course Arcada welcomed us with every member of its great staff and students but Milena was allways our first points to search for help.

Tack så mycket Milena. Vi hade en jette bar tid med dig!

The Erasmus Students of the WS 2010 at the Arcada Nylands Svenska

February 10, 2011

Hanse Ski

Yesterday i finally went downhill skiing for the first time in Finland. After having crossed a couple of kilometers on cross country skies i have been happily throwing myself down the small hills of messila. Next to the bis ski jumps of lahti we had a great day with loads of wind and two busses full of aracada students. The lack of slope was compensated by the liters of minttu with chocolate and you could nearly forgot the cold. Thanks to Hanse and everybody else around.

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January 21, 2011

Milling exercise

Over the past days i had the opportunity to combine passion and proffession. It happens raraley enough, but i was asked to be creative in my natural field of engineering. It all started with my good friend Jan thinking like crazy without knowing anything of mechanical engineering. After i pulled him down from his high clouds of ideas we agreed on doing some stamps for a bigger project in the “Saksa Suomen” (German Finish) community. In the aftermath i propably only agreed on doing this because i did not know what i was getting into. Now i am stil in the midth of this whole project but the happy owner of 11 stamps of german cities (9 to go..). To share a little bit of the experience i want to present you some minor milestones of this little project which led to the video on the top.

First of all the idea of a stamp had to be put into G-Gode (a language that my CNC milling machine understands). Since i do not like this code for creative stuff like letters i decided to use Mastercam instead.

After i virtually checked all tool path in the Mastercam program i dropped of the program to my (actually Arcadas) CNC machine. I could not have done this without the help of Erland Nyroth. The head of the Arcada Workshop was essential in order to give me the ability and permission to use this damn expensive machine. Tack så mycket Erland! The tolling can be watched at the top of this Article.

After tooling the fun followed and i not only stamped everything black on my testing surfaces but also half of my clothing – well, being an engineer is really not safe after all.

Thanks to Jan for inspiration. Mathew and Erland for teaching, and Enrico for preparing food while i was busy on my project.

November 23, 2010

Glass Fiber Boat

Since a couple of weeks Manuel and me are part of the composite material course at our school. Our german proffessor at a swedish school in finland is not the usual type as of course is nothing is here in finland. You will not be surprised to find me building a boat since joining this course. Being less about formulas and theories our course tries to prevent engineers from constructing structures that can not be build in the end. The best way to teach is still by pain and thus we are building our boat for nearly 25 hours this week – lets just hope

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November 19, 2010

Arcada Interview

Just received my interview that i gave for the new arcada brochure a couple of weeks ago – i think i did not say it that smart but nice of arcada for putting it that way – if you want to check out the brochure and one of the best universities of applied life in finland feel free to download the whole brochure or visit their website. I am still very happy with my exchange in the swedish finnish community and would gladly recommend a stay to anybody interested in going to north europe.

October 21, 2010

Family Portrait

Actually the CD Cover was not my last assignment during my photography class. Uppgift Number 17 read something like that:

You should do a picture story with the

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October 20, 2010

Arcadas Anti Drinking Songs

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Can you believe that? As a last assignment our photographie teacher made us do a cover for a fake CD called: “Arcada’s Anti Dirnking Songs”. Who shall buy a useless CD like that? I’m still shocked but have to admit that student and teacher reality on this school might differ at times – her is what i have come up with ..