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July 31, 2011

Det var en bra tid

Jag har just fått ett stort brev från mitt gamla hem Finland .. Tack för en fantastisk tid och en underbar text i årsredovisningen.

I have just received a great letter from my old home Finland .. Thanks for a great time and a wonderfull text in the annual report.

May 31, 2011

Finland Trip Retrospective

I have allready posted my best pictures, long pictures and a whole bunch of other thoughts about my trip to finland. Nevertheless i do not want to hold back the little masterpiece that Bene has put together of his and my media collections of finland. Thanks to his brilliant new sony camera and my rugged photo specialist we captured a pretty nice trip through helsinki, espoo and turku. Props to a really great video! Please post a nice comment on his page for this one!

May 18, 2011

Ich packe meinen Koffer ..

I pack my suitcase, and take with me .. Yes, only a tenth is actually stuff that I need for myself, the rest is stuff for the finish friends. See you all back next week – Stay safe everybody!

May 14, 2011

Finland Travell Schedule

Travelling is supposed to a spontaneous and relaxing activity – This might be the case, but judging by the messages, requests and proposed activities I received from my finish friends since I announced my comeback to Finland I am in deep trouble. Accordingly I have drafted a loose plan which can be a guideline for everyone that wants to see me next weekend in Finland.

  • Do you want to come along for one of the activities?
  • Do you have other activities I forgot and have to be put into my schedule?
  • What should I bring you from germany that makes you happy?
May 10, 2011

Erasmus Presentation International Day

Feel free to join me for my presentation about Finland and my time as an Erasmus Student. Today 11:45am at the International Day!

April 15, 2011

Erasmus Presentation – Finland

Yes – good memories have been flowing around, indeed! But now (after 57min ..) my desk is totally flooded with ideas and I have absolutely no idea what is important for Erasmus newbies, and can be communicated in just 10 minutes .. Can anybody help my prioritising this messy mind map? (and maybe even clean up my office desk? :-))

April 1, 2011

Tipaton Huhtikuu!

Is the finish word for: “I have really drunk too much over the last eight month in my great home of Finland and really need a break from Erasmus life. That is why I will show an enormous amount of newly acquired Sisu and will not drink in the current month of April – If you see me doing that anyway feel free to beat me up or congratulate me that I have come to senses. Weigh your options wisely.”

Full disclosure: Usually fins enjoy this tradition only in the month of January – hence the original name “Tipaton tammikuu“.

March 28, 2011

My life in Finland – An Erasmus Report

One week after coming home to germany the boring stuff wants to be done. The compulsory Erasmus report is cheerfully beating up my precious time. My university in Munich and the european Erasmus program seem to be all to eager to know what really happened to me in Finland (can’t they just read my blog?!).

I am not very talented at writing those things and thus it took some to write the paper (How do you fit Finland in 3 Pages// Can an Erasmus life and an academic career mix at all?// What did I do their anyway? ..). Finally finished I do not want it to be useless in some office spaces in Brussels. Thinking farther their might even be some useful information for future students in their. Not sure if it helps anybody but please feel free to use it as information, advertisement, or whatever your heart feels when you hear the five letters: SUOMI

Click here to retrieve my study report

Sorry, but this one is german only – anybody wants to translate, feel free to send me an english copy.

March 21, 2011

Shear Test

My first day in Munich is over but actually I have not really finished of with finland yet. Not only my memories are still swirling back to the people that I have left, but also my work. Next to organizing all kinds of stuff today at the university here in munich I also finished of the report of the shear test that I created last week in finland. As always the paper work was much more dull than the exercise, but what can you do – it’ll be like that at work as well.

What did I actually do? In order to save Arcada some money we decided to build a shear test for composite materials ourselve. I did not have a clue what this could look like and neither had my teachers. Moving on with educated guesses I went from the different stages of brainstorming to construction and from their to the workshop were I have manufactured my ideas.

So far I have always done the mentioned phases only seperately. I have never had the chance to do it all in a joined effort. Quite exciting to see something develop by your own hands from the first idea to the final testing. After my work was finished on friday at 4pm (I did not have much spare time in case of failures for this project ..) I was keen on playing a little around. I have to say that I would like to optimize it. Anyway I am happy to know the competent people who will be able to play around with it much longer and careful. Special thanks to Erland for all the great advices throughout my work on that project.

Closing words: An intense project which I still don’t know how i finished it in time. Let this be a good bye gift to Arcada from a very satisfied exchange student!

March 20, 2011

Good Bye

No word to express my emptiness – I have lost too many friends today, at least it feels exactly like that – i hope that some kind of meaning will come back soon. It is nice to feel appreciated but to realize what one leaves behind is just pain.

Leaving my room today i found a lot of old memories, that have reminded me of the last 8 months – What they have been for me and what was important. A lot of you have dropped by and shared our joined memories. Even though it has not been a produtive packing it was a proper way to review these last ten month. If you did not have enough of these anecdotes I invite you to click my category cloud on the left. Choosing words like Finnland, Erasmus Helsinki, Helsinki, Hyvää Suomi and Teaching should give you a small insight into my diverse life in the northern hemisphere

Thank you for a wonderful playground and exceptional playmates! Be proud of your country and the treasures it holds. I am gonna have to say it one last time: Hyvää Suomi!