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July 16, 2012


BildMy dear Blog Readers,

I know time has passed since my last post – too much time. But be happy about the summer, since I have great plans of revitalizing this little site that has been dormant for such a long time. Since I have returned from china in march I have enjoyed a wonderful half year in munich, which has welcomed me greatly. Unfortunatelly my studies have not forgotten me either and accordingly I have had loads of other things on my mind, than this beloved blog.

This Summer though I will return, to the birth places of this blog. I will revisit articles, meet old friends and will join new friends and document some of their ideas and stories. I look forward to this exciting new time. For one month I will leave central europe and move my centre of living to one of the most wonderful places in north Euroipe. Helsinki here i come. My list of ideas is long, and my mind for inspiration wide open.

What are your ideas i should do? Where should i go? Whom should i meet?

I can’t wait to fly – 2 weeks for inspiration and meditation are left ..

Greets from Munich


April 19, 2011

Hyvää Suomi – Part III

Special Thanks to Emmi and Bene for kicking my Ass.

Update: Bene seems to be happy as well :-)!

April 15, 2011

Erasmus Presentation – Finland

Yes – good memories have been flowing around, indeed! But now (after 57min ..) my desk is totally flooded with ideas and I have absolutely no idea what is important for Erasmus newbies, and can be communicated in just 10 minutes .. Can anybody help my prioritising this messy mind map? (and maybe even clean up my office desk? :-))

March 12, 2011

Snow Cave

Two days ago i posted a little status message:

Just going to sleep .. in a snow cave by the lake in Majstranden – after all its cosy -1°C in Helsinki

Next day quite a lot of people asked me what that was about. Once I told them that their was nothing more to that status than allready expressed, people started to look at me weirdly. Suspecting some kind of finish drunkenness, they turned away in disbelief. Finish madness would have been more like it. My friend christian told me a couple of nights before that day about his adventure in a snow cave. Not able to resist I talked him into doing it again. Grabing our cross country skies, joakims isolation mattress and a proper amount of Sisu we went out to the Majstranden bay in order to resist the finish cold. Still did not understand what all of this is about? Well, just take a look ..

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Oh yeah – and i really could not resist to waste another five minutes with one of the hillarious iMovie ’11 themes ..

Full disclosure: Man, I really did feel comportable in my cosy and warm bed the next night ..

March 6, 2011

Annual Ball

Lets wrap it up: it was a great weekend! A whole sunday in Espoo with Maria and studying quite a lot for my upcoming exams lies behind me. In the evening I had some time to flick through the pictures of this weekend. Considering that I move away from this country in two weeks I went a bit gloomy into the Årsfest on friday. The gloom got bigger when my friends from TLK honoured me with a generous stipendium. In this very moment I realised what a wonderfull time it has been in this cold country and what I will leave behind in two weeks. Being honoured by TLK was great since it showed me that it was not only me having fun here but other people having the same feeling about me.

Anyway my gloom was quickly delt with in a “finish way” and the night continued to be a great one. Attached you’ll find some of the more appropriate pictures of this weekend. The rest will have to stay memory with the special people I was with! Thanks to all of you!

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March 4, 2011

(Dr.) zu Guttenberg is gone ..

and i am just on my way to one of the last big celebration of my Erasmus stay in Finland. The TLK Årsfets (Annual Ball of my Student Union Organization) is just about to start. Pray for my wonderful glued hair, my liver and everybody around me tonight – its gonna be a good one – i am sure of that!

Oh and everybody who is wondering why i do not respond to emails the whole weekend .. Here is the schedule that i used to explain the whole finish madness to my dear roommate Enrico..

December 6, 2010

Linnan Juhlat

As posted earlier today it is the highest national day of celebration in little finland. On this day fins do not only want to thank Lenin for giving them independence in 1917 (yes, that late!) but also their veterans in winter war (1939-1940) for keeping them from having to learn russian nowadays. Next to all of that it is just a nice way to be proud of one another in this small but brave country.

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November 28, 2010

1. Advent

First of Advent and a nice little shooting in minus 15 degrees cold helsinki. Thanks to Julia and Julia being brave enough to go out with me 🙂

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October 23, 2010

Hidden Helsinki City Race

Yesterday the Team “Lets Fly” competed in the Hidden Helsinki City Race. We made an respectfull 11th place. But of yourse as allway the competition was not as important as to get to know new people. Running around from 2 till 6 and partying a little more in Tivoli at night gave me the opportunity to meet new amazing people from other universities in Helsinki. Thanks to all the people organizing this great event, that was not purely based aroung alcohol (quite rare in Finland ..)

October 19, 2010

Opaque Buff

Today i want to publish yet again a piece created for my photograhie class. On Saturday I had the great pleasure of shooting a concert of Opaque Buff here in Helsinki. The assignment gave me a maximum of freedom so that i decided to shoot musicians.

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