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July 11, 2011

Law Exam

Going well prepaired into my exam today – gosh I love it when cheating is allowed by the proffessor – thanks to Bene for the Notes!

June 30, 2011

This is a good day

Today we finished our three months university project of developing, designing and actually producing a shower head. This project has kept me very busy over the past couple of weeks but I am quite proud about the result, that we were able to deliver today. It feels very good to have worked in a team with a very diverse set of abilities and ideas of working. This at times troublesome constellation made the group work and resulting product as special as it is. I am not sure if this is the best shower head in the world, but by sure one of the best teams I have worked on. Thanks to Truma, my university and my amazing team mates!

Good night everybody!

June 16, 2011


Yeah – one of my group works for this semester is finally done – the gearbox that we designed, calculated, simulated and constructed together with five of my mates is about ready. For the last touch and a nice front facing picture i was even allowed to use photoshop. Good work – good team!

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May 28, 2011

Designing in 2011

Look what happened today when Karl and me tried to sketch our first thoughts for our showerhead project – gotta love the age of the tablet but to be fair in the end we went back to pen and paper anyway ..

May 12, 2011

HM Kino Panorama

Ok, I know that some people already think, that I spend too few time behind the camera and too much in front of my computer. But truth be told, I actually do not like to spend time in front of the computer. I hate it! The only reason I use Photoshop is to create pictures that a camera can not capture and visualize the ideas that are already in my head – to create the physically impossible. One of those things is panoramic pictures – My new fascination. Last night I worked on a picture for Christopher and his student movie theater at my university. Having a pretty good knowledge of what I wanted to shoot I was really happy with the results I received today. This is not really photography any more, but for sure fascinating. Do you have other Ideas for good panorama pictures. What project should I take on next? Ah well – let’s go back to my engineering CAD construction for right now 🙂

May 10, 2011

Erasmus Presentation International Day

Feel free to join me for my presentation about Finland and my time as an Erasmus Student. Today 11:45am at the International Day!

April 15, 2011

Erasmus Presentation – Finland

Yes – good memories have been flowing around, indeed! But now (after 57min ..) my desk is totally flooded with ideas and I have absolutely no idea what is important for Erasmus newbies, and can be communicated in just 10 minutes .. Can anybody help my prioritising this messy mind map? (and maybe even clean up my office desk? :-))

April 5, 2011

Smart Grids

Today in the morning I gave a presentation about Smart Grids for my class Renewable Energies. The fifteen minute long introduction wanted to give a basic knowledge of what the electric energy grids of our future might look like. Core idea of our presentation (It is actually the core idea of Smart Grids) has been to point out the lack of a price tag to current energy production. Consumers currently get Energy out of the system whenever and wherever they want. This principle of modern civilisation is in jeopardy if you think about how difficult it can be to hold up to that promise.

Renewable sources of energy are a societies demand, but won’t supply us with a steady flow of energy. Practical electrical storage is still nowhere near to be realised. How can we use new sources of energy and still enjoy a use of electric energy without blackouts?

In the end it all comes down to one change: The consumer has to behave as the energy supply is telling him to do. We can’t afford to get the power when we want it, but rather have to act on the times that the natural supply is rewarding us with the treasured good. Since we all do not want to fall back in the times when you could only mill your grain when the wind was blowing we have to think of new ways to distribute, label and price energy. Smart Grids are one of the answers.

If you want to find out more about this Topic I advise you to click-through the following links.

View my Prezi Presentation. This is an interactive map that you can go along, zoom in and out. We used it to cover the all topics of our presentation: Introduction, Theoretical Ideas and practical implementation. Prezi is a strong competitor to Microsoft Powerpoint and uses Mind maps instead of Slides to great great looking and very interactive presentations.

Visit the Web Page of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology and view animations and practical implementations of Smart Grids in Germany. Right now there are six regions undergoing testing this new field. English Version!

March 31, 2011

HM Kino

Tonight I was asked by a good friend to shoot some pictures for the students movie theater at my university in Munich. Gladly I took on the dark challenge and quit my study day to join the crowd of students who poured in to watch “Wall Street 2”. Already knowing the film I could relax and take on my photography. Quite challenged by the lighting and paying attention not to annoy the spectators I was quite amazed by the shot I am showing in the post. I am quite sure that Christopher has seen me and in that way it is really not a natural set up. Even though I really fell in love with the grain and mood the picture inhibits.