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October 17, 2011

Living in 中国 Part 5 – Phoenix Mountain

Having travelled nearly every weekend of the last weeks my podcast series had not have a chance to catch up with all the events. Anyway I have not given up in publishing a film every once in a while.

Living in 中国 Part 5 – covers Jeanette and my adventure to Phoenix Mountain. Having nothing more than a couple of pieces of paper (to make sure we actually get the right trains) and a desire to hike mountains we did not really know where we went. All the more surprised have we been once we saw how high the mountains are. Even more evetnful: the jam-packed trains with friendly people who had no other pleasure but to feed us for nearly four hours. Pleasing highlight of the first day has for sure been the welcoming ride to a Hotel in Tiexi. We once again want to utter our thanks to the local police who even bargained the hotel prices for us.

The second day has nearly ended in a catastrophie. Nevertheless we made it to the water caves and home with really to little money in our pockets. I am not sure why, but somehow I was very confident that this would not mean the end of a great adventure but just another one to be started. Accordingly two officers of the chinese army helped us to get from the wonderful watercaves safely home.

Amazing? To be honest: just another day in china!

September 16, 2011

Living in 中国 Part 4 – The Wedding

No – not my own (!) but the wedding of my Team Assistance Jessica. A couple of weeks ago I had the great honor of being invited to her wedding after being in China for just a couple of days.

Being on time (9:27am) as it was Jessica’s wish I enjoyed a great wedding. Despite having to be wake up early I was surprised of the colorful ceremony and the fantastic overloading lunch that was served for all Guests.

Just one thing irritated me: I have never been to a german wedding (actually I have never been to a wedding) but I am quite sure that you are supposed to shut up in my home country. Chinese people prefer to play around with their phones and chat amongst each other while the couple up fron tenjoys one of its most holy days. I know I am supposed to have some tolerance here, but that was too much for me. In any case It was a great day and I want to wish the two all the best for the future!

August 30, 2011

Living in 中国 Part 3

Some time has passed since the last episode and more than blogging it was about real adventures in this crazy country. Once again Youssef has been visiting me in a foreign country. He has done so in Finland and once again we had a great time discovering my current home country. Together with Jeanette we hiked through the national Park in Anchan. Since we were all not very fluent in the chinese language we asked some deaf-mute chinese friends to write us down the directions. Considering the odds it has worked fantastic and we were a lot of experiences richer. We enjoyed the friendly nature of the chinese nation and were eager to give them a photo opportunity of us as well. Even if nobody in this country can speak english they will never fail to try to help you. Now please enjoy Episode #3!

August 23, 2011

Living in 中国 – Part 2

My first couple of days are over here in my new home in china and besides posting photos all around I have also decided to do a small first mesh up of video clips. Don’t worry if this episode of Living in 中国 is a little to hectic – thats just how life is here. My first few days in the city if Shenyang cover some of the following topics:

  • Buying Food
  • Buying Bikes
  • Making fools out of us by not being able to speak chinese
  • A wonderful city and its inhabitants

Thanks for this episode can only go to all the wonderful chinese people who can not speak english but are one of the nicest kind in the world. They will always help you out even if that means calling the whole street up to help to large weird looking individuals – China is surprising me for good!

August 14, 2011

Living in 中国 Part 1

After quite a bit of trouble I am happy to present the first episode of Jeanette and Max in big China. Our first episode covers our travel to Shenyang and would not have been possible without the following people:

  • My parents and friends for having a great Good Bye Brunch/Drink
  • My sister for organizing the best Barbecue ever
  • Jeanette for teaching me some last minute chinese
  • The stewardess who brought me beer without ever asking
  • all the funny chineese who can’t stop looking at us two long noses (thats what the call us here)
  • Bene for uploading the Video form NZ (Vimeo and WordPress are blocked in my new home)