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August 26, 2011

Brothers in Arms

Last Weekend I have been traveling with a chinese train. It is one of the more intense experiences when you go to China. People everywhere, close body contact, even if you do not want to and in the middle of all of that relaxed chinese individuals. I am not sure what religion they use, but when the standard european is falling out of his mind these people just seem to find it. Big praise to the big brother for protecting his smaller kin.

August 24, 2011

Soccer Team

Got my own little Soccer Team together – When walking around south of our district I found these 10 never resting soccer monsters – Next week I’ll join them and their parents again to learn chinese and teach them some english – I guess Finland is following more than expected! its just great to be a foreigner in China!

Picture Credits go completely to Jeanette!

August 23, 2011

Jumping Frog

Well, what can I say. We had a wonderful evening walk through our district and met a lot of wonderful people. I enjoyed playing soccer against 10 second graders who were fussing at me in chinese – Jeanette and me where the attraction of the whole district and our dinner was amazing as always. Thanks to all the wonderful dancers and people on the market – their are a lot of pictures to publish!

August 21, 2011

What is happiness anyway?

What is happiness? When are you happy? I was talking about these two topics with some friends today at lunch and it made me think back to a picture taken a couple days ago. I nearly forgot it beneath all the new impressions, but it came flying back right that moment. Jeanette discovered the man on our first bike tour. The scenery seemed scary. Still friendly nods invited us to step forward.

Going in their made me feel depressed – poverty, poor hygiene, .. you name them. Still the people where friendly and smiled. Their are probably a million things that could be better for that man but he was still smiling. Happiness is not about money, social status or a big car. From his point of view happiness is about, friends, peace of mind and your very own priorities.

Have good week everybody!

August 4, 2011

1 Week to Go

Until I get to my new home China, and its about time that I show you my new little baby. Don’t worry I still have my old big, mighty and brave EOS 500D but the little IXUS will be their to accompany me on all trips that would be a little to dangerous for his big brother.

Next to being small I discovered in the past two weeks that some angles are really not possible with my big EOS. Holding a shot one-handed from the bike, could at least be risky if not impossible.

July 4, 2011

Knorr Bremse ABS Systems

On the weekend I had the great honor to be invited to the open day of Knorr Bremse AG. Apart from getting to know the diverse range of their products I have been amazed by their life shows. Highlight of the day has been the demonstration of their truck ABS system. Bein in the middle of pouring rain might have been troublesome for the spectators but the Trucks were immediately put in a much more dramatic atmosphere – It’s all about the pictures! Thanks to Bene and his Dad for such a nice day!

June 30, 2011

Life is good

Great day job, great hobby – every once in a while I get the chance to combine them – Ok I’ll promise to go to bed now for real – it’s just that too much is happening at once, you know ..

June 26, 2011

15 Years of RMCB

Going to Berlin for the weekend has been for multiple reasons this time:

  • Needing rest and silence to study
  • Wanting to see my family and friends
  • Being on a Photographie Job

Yes, you have heard right – after shooting for a number of years just for fun and self procrastination the past few months have changed that attitude a little. Evolving myself being in Finland has brought me to a new mindset as a photographer. I am very happy that nowadays friends and strangers confront me with their own ideas first. Evolving them into real pictures has been a challenge and pleasure alike. This week my good friend Katha invited me to shoot the 15 year anniversary of her Rythm and Melody Concertband. Spending three days with musicians of all age groups has been a wonderful time and learning experience alike. Thank you for a job that really just felt like pleasure!

June 25, 2011

News of the day

Easter is so over, baby!

Picture taken today in the Berlin Zoo while being on a job with the RMCB. More pictures soon.

June 18, 2011


Every time that I visit my hometown I try to visit my Grandma for as long as possible. Knowing that she won’t be around all my life I try to get as much of her experience, stories and life as possible. As exchange I can offer her my life and all the pictures that she loves to watch. Today she complained that I never took a picture of her on her blacony. Well, I did grant that wish.. May their be many more of our coffee// history// present// future sessions!

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