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January 11, 2012

Mittelbayerische Zeitung

yes – it finally happened: one of my pictures has found its way to a german news paper. Its a regional publication that used one of my pictures that I have shot for the “Studiokino” Regensburg about a year ago. The whole job had been come together because of a favor I did for my friend Gerschi. Having played around with the pictures a little more, the request from Unifilm came if I want to do a little more in Regensburg with the local Students movie theater. Good memories come up – can’t wait to go back to Germany to shoot a little more for those guys!.

January 9, 2012


What can I say: I had one of the most visually amazing weekends of my life. Having travelled to Harbin with a bunch of international interns we entered a dreamland. A dreamland that was freakingly cold but amazing in its own way. The 12h bus ride might not have been the best experience ever, but it was definitely worth to see this short lasting wonder – But don’t you worry if you do not make it until February 29th (the end of the Harbin Ice festival) – the will rebuild every little stone next year again ..

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Thanks to Lina, Markus and Ran E for organizing a trip, that will be part of my china memory!

January 7, 2012

On my way to cold harbin


On my way to cold harbin in a screamingly small bus in freezing temperatures – on the upside: 24 drinking international interns and the promise to see the great snow and ice festival of harbin – here we come! Better pictures are soon to arrive..


December 10, 2011

Getting closer

Getting closer but still just half way to hainan..


December 10, 2011

Last post from home

Starting in one hour I will start my winter holiday – I really like my home shenyang but to be honest, the cold is getting at me quite badly in the past days – figuring their must be one decent spot still left in this country I will fly 3000km south and 40K warmer – still their is one problem left: I am sitting here with a light jacket in the cab and freezing my .. Ah you know what I am getting at.


September 27, 2011

Little Accidents and their implications

Some of you have noticed that it has been notably quite on this page for quite some while now.

Reason being is not my usual habit of being depressed with writing, but an incident while having a wonderful weekend in the Town of Fuxin with Jeanette and Toni about a week ago.

Toni is one of our two english learning chinese Kids. Toni had been inviting us to his wonderful family and friends. Of course the peace was not kept long and I quickly began fighting with the little monsters. Little did I know what I had started, when I let myself fall in the most dramatic way and splinted my hand with some wicked corn stump. I spare you the details (and pictures) of the following improvised operation with a wonderful chinese doctor and supporting Toni.

Much rather I want to express my thanks to Jeanette (for putting up with all the work that gets left behind when you have only one hand), Tonis family (for calling a doctor immediately, and him being actually a “clean” one), and the wonderful Team of BBA ISOS Clinic for taking care of a quite nasty infection in my hand for the whole last week. I am not sure when everything will be in order completely again but for right now I am quite relieved with the steps forward!



P.S.: I will reply to all the left behind emails, messages, texts, .. as soon as possible. Stay patient.

September 15, 2011

Hongkong Review

Being on the way back I have some time before the next wave of Chinese impressions hits me and I can reflect on a wonderful weekend in the south of china. Actually most of the time has been spent in hongkong (which is not china!) and featured us with a mix of world Capitol and relaxed multicultural way of living. Having spend their four days we experienced a surprisingly calm city who impressed us with it’s clean appearance (one thing you’ll rarely find in Chinese cities) and a nearly hundred percent english speaking population.

Highlights have been the traditional double story trams (I have no clue how the actually hold upright consideringtheirageandbuild), the festivities for the mid autumn festival (the reason why this holiday could be extended to Monday ..), a tour with the humangous cable car and just the best sea food we had so far in china.

In order to skip the usual tourist gifts we decided to provide ourselves with three custom fit suits that we cherished quite a lot and will which continue to go on our way through china.

Honkong has been a blessing and my biggest fear going back right now is only the cold that awaits me in Shenyang. Still I look forward to staying home for the next weekend. After four weeks of straight work and traveling it will be good to have a rest for a short while. Stay safe and tuned for the next adventures to come!

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August 27, 2011

And of we go

.. to another great weekend in the proximity of Shenyang. Armed with minimum chineese language skills and our most important peace of equipment: Two pieces of paper telling every helpinh hand where to guide us. See you back on Sunday!

June 20, 2011

Berlin Trip – Retrosepective

As I just received a message I want to quote out of it:

“Everything good is delivered on the same day”

The Schwaiger wisdom corporation is right and thus I decided to spend the free time in Berlin to edit my media footage for this trip in bits and pieces right away in moments of free time. I am proud to announce that this strategy has worked out and this is most likely the fastest video and photo delivery I have ever accomplished. This video would not have been possible without the great camera of Bene, the pictures of Jonas, the work of Basti and our great exchange Student photographer Eduardo. Thanks to the whole I Club Team (specially to Martin and Lisa; sadly she could not join us) who have made my dream come true to take my international friends to my amazing home town!

June 19, 2011

Berlin – Third Day

I Just came home and next to bringing me up to date with my study projects I also found time to sort out the pictures of this morning. Being exhausted we just went to the east side gallery and admired the newly renovated berlin wall and the relaxed atmosphere at the Berlin Oststrand. Feeling tired hut happy that everything has been going well on this trip we were even rewarded with a little wonder: We left on time. For the first time on the whole trip we did hold up to a time – Respect to Argentina and Spain – I am totally perplexed – on that bomb shell: save week everybody.