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June 18, 2011

Berlin – Second Day

The second day is allmost over and since I decided not to take my camera to the club tonight I call the best twelve pictures decided. Highlight of the day has been our tour to the german Bundestag which favoured us with an amazing sky and a great view over Berlin. Most of the day was spend by the students on their own free time – thus I can’t wait to hear their own stories and will head quickly to the bar now.

June 18, 2011

Berlin – First Day

The First day is over and to be honest it already feels like too much. Being home in my city is great – sharing your own culture and neighborhood a real treat, but to do this with 50 unique individuals at the same time is just mind-boggling.

Together with my dad we were guiding the whole bunch of them through what we call “our Berlin”. I would have never thought that it actually works out since our group was so big, but apparently a student’s attention span is much longer that usually expected. Thanks to all the participants and of the great walking tour yesterday night through the wonderful Kreuzberg.

Thanks to Wasti for the pics!

June 4, 2011


Spontaneous trips have been a usual habit for me in Finland. Coming back to Germany I have lost a bit track of that good Erasmus spirit in favor of being more behind my office desk. Nevertheless I used the sunny weather and my two friends Katha and Sophie from berlin as an excuse to go on a short trip to Salzburg today. I am pretty tired now, but look back on a rewarding day with friends and a glorious city. Have a look at the best twelve shots of the day – good night everybody – tomorrow back to studying 😦 ..

May 31, 2011

Finland Trip Retrospective

I have allready posted my best pictures, long pictures and a whole bunch of other thoughts about my trip to finland. Nevertheless i do not want to hold back the little masterpiece that Bene has put together of his and my media collections of finland. Thanks to his brilliant new sony camera and my rugged photo specialist we captured a pretty nice trip through helsinki, espoo and turku. Props to a really great video! Please post a nice comment on his page for this one!

May 23, 2011

Hyvää Suomi!

I just came back from finland this morning. After 4 intensive days in Helsinki and Turku we arrived before our first lecture at 8 am in Munich. After waking up with five cell phones and ten alarms, Maria brought Bene and me to the airport. After some luxurious 1.5h of sleep at night and extensive 2h on the plane the study day was a bit rough. Now, that I am finished I have rewarded myself with a little photo wrap up of the last days – may you enjoy it as much as I do! Thanks to every fin, german, and exchange students that has been a part of my last four days. Extensive descriptions will soon be given, and have already been posted a little bit on Benes Blog. If you want to have the full schedule you can also look through my planning blog post.

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May 18, 2011

Ich packe meinen Koffer ..

I pack my suitcase, and take with me .. Yes, only a tenth is actually stuff that I need for myself, the rest is stuff for the finish friends. See you all back next week – Stay safe everybody!

May 14, 2011

Finland Travell Schedule

Travelling is supposed to a spontaneous and relaxing activity – This might be the case, but judging by the messages, requests and proposed activities I received from my finish friends since I announced my comeback to Finland I am in deep trouble. Accordingly I have drafted a loose plan which can be a guideline for everyone that wants to see me next weekend in Finland.

  • Do you want to come along for one of the activities?
  • Do you have other activities I forgot and have to be put into my schedule?
  • What should I bring you from germany that makes you happy?
May 8, 2011

Camera Studio on the Mountain Top

This picture pretty much explains my idea of a hiking trip to a 1700m Mountain Rooftop. What a great scenery – and what great technology to capture it all – Results are coming soon!

May 6, 2011

Off to the study monastery

I spontaneously decided to be off to a weekend of learning in the middle of bavaria. Together with my good friend Moritz we decided to need a break. It might be a little hard to reach me in the next days .. but that was the point after all. See you all back next week!

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April 27, 2011

Panorama pictures of Wolfsburg

I just came home from my five-day trip around germany. In my baggage thousands (I am not Joking!) of pictures capturing the last days. To categorize some of them I have picked up a new testing ground for my photographic skills. Since about two weeks I am pretty engaged in panoramic photography. I can’t really tell you why, but I have never seriously tested this field between photographie and heavy after editing with photoshop. Anyway I have used my time in the Autostadt to shoot some pictures between 120° and 360°. I am not really satisfied with the results and will have to work on the lighting and sharpness of the overall results. Still I want to share some of them and recommend the book that got me started to work on this topic again.