January 9, 2012


What can I say: I had one of the most visually amazing weekends of my life. Having travelled to Harbin with a bunch of international interns we entered a dreamland. A dreamland that was freakingly cold but amazing in its own way. The 12h bus ride might not have been the best experience ever, but it was definitely worth to see this short lasting wonder – But don’t you worry if you do not make it until February 29th (the end of the Harbin Ice festival) – the will rebuild every little stone next year again ..

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Thanks to Lina, Markus and Ran E for organizing a trip, that will be part of my china memory!

January 7, 2012

On my way to cold harbin


On my way to cold harbin in a screamingly small bus in freezing temperatures – on the upside: 24 drinking international interns and the promise to see the great snow and ice festival of harbin – here we come! Better pictures are soon to arrive..


January 7, 2012

Tied up

Ever felt as tied up like that poor fella? But damn he was tasty 😉


January 1, 2012

Happy New Year


Happy new year to all of you! By now most of you have jumped to the new year and it seems (according to numerous texts, posts and tweets) as if everybody is still alive. Even I have survived the mighty Chinese fireworks and the mean Beiju (chinese rice snaps). Celebrating with a bunch of colleagues, interns and friends on the frozen river of shenyang had been a blast. On Christmas I had been missing my family back home – New years eve felt perfect to me. I had been exactly in the right spot on the right time!

Thank you all for a wonderful year 2011 – it has been a joy to be part of your life’s and to have wonderful moments in Finland, Germany, and China. I look back on a year full of wonderful events that have changed me and made me grow a lot bigger than before. I really think that 2011 has been the most eventful year yet.

I am heading with a big grin in 2012 and look forward to meet my family and friends back in Germany and Finland very soon.

Thanks for being part of the journey – the best is yet to come! Happy new year and all the best to all of you!

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December 26, 2011

Calling in for Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody from cold china (-19deg celsius) – I have been missing out the joys of christmas and decided to stay in the land of no Christmas celebration – It has been quite weird in the end, and missing my family brought back a lot of memories from the last years occasions – thanks to Skype I had the opportunity to still have a family gathering – stories about trespassing Santas in Germany and shopping mania in china have been happily passed around – in the end we even attempted a Christmas song concert around the whole globe your might travel the world, but your family stays with you – what a nice feeling! Merry Christmas to my family and friends all around the world skyping with all of you has been fantastic for my well being in the last two days!


December 22, 2011

Creative Chinese

Gotta love the Chinese..


my colleague paid 45€ for a full feature Samsung galaxy 😉

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December 18, 2011

4th of Advent

Having been in finland last year the Christmas season has been quite cold – this year though I do not have a Christmas season at all – Chinese people just do not seem to appreciate it – instead I decided to not search for Christmas decoration any more but settle with building my own advent candles – they might have come of a little sandy but all in all I am quite pleased with my attempt and feeling a lot warmer than last year in the meantime;)


December 10, 2011

Getting closer

Getting closer but still just half way to hainan..


December 10, 2011

Last post from home

Starting in one hour I will start my winter holiday – I really like my home shenyang but to be honest, the cold is getting at me quite badly in the past days – figuring their must be one decent spot still left in this country I will fly 3000km south and 40K warmer – still their is one problem left: I am sitting here with a light jacket in the cab and freezing my .. Ah you know what I am getting at.


November 29, 2011

Bringing the joys of Christmas to china

Last week i received my first christmas package from my parents. One of the many items was a fabulous, multicolored German Christmas calendar. It was actually not devoted to me – I like to share after all. Tony needed some time to actually figure out not to open all windows at once (and especially not before December 1st) but after a little patient help got it quiet well. And if not, I can explain him next week again, right?


Special thanks to Katha for prove reading this horrible first version of the article – my lesson learned of the day: never write tiredly with antibiotics on a touchscreen phone with German keyboard!