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March 27, 2011

Elections in Germany

Today we have some pretty big elections in germany. I can not vote (Only people in Baden-Württemberg are called up for elections) but the outcome of today will have some major implications for the national parties as well. One big question is to be answered: Will the small liberal party make it into the parliament. If so, not much is gonna change in the admnistration. If you have seen this video you might find yourself in doubt if they can really make it 🙂 Happy Election day everybody. Go out and vote!

March 14, 2011

Back from Lahti..

.. and off to my last week in Finland. To commemorate the last full weekend in Finland i spent my day with Maria in Lahti and watched the mad Ski Jumpers from all over the world. Saddly enough Janne Ahonen (who had his last appearance ever) did not make it very far. Surprisingly enough Severin Freund (GER!) made it to a very astonishing 3rd place. Tack så mycket to Maria for organizing such nice hours for me and and taking a little of the plenty good bye sorrows from my mind. Let the last week begin!

March 6, 2011

Annual Ball

Lets wrap it up: it was a great weekend! A whole sunday in Espoo with Maria and studying quite a lot for my upcoming exams lies behind me. In the evening I had some time to flick through the pictures of this weekend. Considering that I move away from this country in two weeks I went a bit gloomy into the Årsfest on friday. The gloom got bigger when my friends from TLK honoured me with a generous stipendium. In this very moment I realised what a wonderfull time it has been in this cold country and what I will leave behind in two weeks. Being honoured by TLK was great since it showed me that it was not only me having fun here but other people having the same feeling about me.

Anyway my gloom was quickly delt with in a “finish way” and the night continued to be a great one. Attached you’ll find some of the more appropriate pictures of this weekend. The rest will have to stay memory with the special people I was with! Thanks to all of you!

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March 4, 2011

(Dr.) zu Guttenberg is gone ..

and i am just on my way to one of the last big celebration of my Erasmus stay in Finland. The TLK Årsfets (Annual Ball of my Student Union Organization) is just about to start. Pray for my wonderful glued hair, my liver and everybody around me tonight – its gonna be a good one – i am sure of that!

Oh and everybody who is wondering why i do not respond to emails the whole weekend .. Here is the schedule that i used to explain the whole finish madness to my dear roommate Enrico..

January 10, 2011

Orankeseefest 2011

As allready posted yesterday i spent my last days in germany at the “Eisbaderfasching” in Berlin – at the Lake “Orankesee“. Since the weather was really nice it was a blast to shoot this amazing scenery. Ice Bathing clubs from all over germany and even one from denmark gathered in the frozen lake in order to have fun in the ice water. For the first time we were even guarded by the water rescue team of Berlin. I might add that it was not needed though. In former years i actually used to bath their as well but nowadays i feel more respnsible for capturing nice memories. I hope you like my pics and had a good start in the new week! If you are interested in joining them feel free to cantact them through their website.

By the way: Thanks a lot to the Sachse Family for providing me the pictures they took of me!

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