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February 23, 2012

What China has to say about Greece


found on page 8 in china daily February 22nd, 3012

January 1, 2012

Happy New Year


Happy new year to all of you! By now most of you have jumped to the new year and it seems (according to numerous texts, posts and tweets) as if everybody is still alive. Even I have survived the mighty Chinese fireworks and the mean Beiju (chinese rice snaps). Celebrating with a bunch of colleagues, interns and friends on the frozen river of shenyang had been a blast. On Christmas I had been missing my family back home – New years eve felt perfect to me. I had been exactly in the right spot on the right time!

Thank you all for a wonderful year 2011 – it has been a joy to be part of your life’s and to have wonderful moments in Finland, Germany, and China. I look back on a year full of wonderful events that have changed me and made me grow a lot bigger than before. I really think that 2011 has been the most eventful year yet.

I am heading with a big grin in 2012 and look forward to meet my family and friends back in Germany and Finland very soon.

Thanks for being part of the journey – the best is yet to come! Happy new year and all the best to all of you!

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December 26, 2011

Calling in for Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody from cold china (-19deg celsius) – I have been missing out the joys of christmas and decided to stay in the land of no Christmas celebration – It has been quite weird in the end, and missing my family brought back a lot of memories from the last years occasions – thanks to Skype I had the opportunity to still have a family gathering – stories about trespassing Santas in Germany and shopping mania in china have been happily passed around – in the end we even attempted a Christmas song concert around the whole globe your might travel the world, but your family stays with you – what a nice feeling! Merry Christmas to my family and friends all around the world skyping with all of you has been fantastic for my well being in the last two days!


November 29, 2011

Bringing the joys of Christmas to china

Last week i received my first christmas package from my parents. One of the many items was a fabulous, multicolored German Christmas calendar. It was actually not devoted to me – I like to share after all. Tony needed some time to actually figure out not to open all windows at once (and especially not before December 1st) but after a little patient help got it quiet well. And if not, I can explain him next week again, right?


Special thanks to Katha for prove reading this horrible first version of the article – my lesson learned of the day: never write tiredly with antibiotics on a touchscreen phone with German keyboard!

November 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Emil (in Chinese)

Without words but with a great Video from me and my chinese english learning kid Tony! Happy Birthday to my very dearest and most precious favorite nephew Emil! Enjoy your special day!

November 11, 2011

Media Feed

I am a kid of the digital age and thus connected via dozen RSS feeds, web TV, blogosphere and some traditional subscriptions (on my iPad). Six years ago, when I have been for a year in the US my connection back to Germany was not that good. At home I did not have internet, nor where my teachers happy about me surfing the web when being at school. My mum (who is a journalist) had a brilliant idea. Every two months or so she would send me a big package with everything that (she thought) was relevant. Being last year in Finland and this year in China I urged her to do that favor for me once again. For some reason I never wanted to miss that feeling ever again – reading through news in fast forward – wow … Yesterday the first summary for reading arrived in China: Happy reading time!

By the way: Yes it is more fun to read news from paper, but its just so damn slow ..

October 10, 2011

Chinese Transportation Business

being mainly involved with transportation business right now i spent a lot of my time on the streets in big trucks with loads of cargo in my back. usually i just hectically type emails and try to organize the world around me on my phone. nevertheless today i had to look up from my mobile office.. packaging of our dear friends from volkswagen had just been too ridiculous!

p.s.: my driver made a very convincing speech (with both hands of the wheel) that this is sooooooo illegal (even in china ..)!

October 8, 2011

Good Bye Steve – 再见 Steve

September 2, 2011

Heavy Load Artist

Every day I see those Bikes running around the city – Often mad as hell and always packed. Usually they are even quite higher packed than the driver can see. In that case they just follow the taoist rule: “It will happen when it happens”. I wish good (actually a ton of)luck and hope that he eventually made it! And now I am of to work and a full weekend of Hiking on the great Chinese Wall – Stay tuned and enjoy your weekend!

August 30, 2011

Living in 中国 Part 3

Some time has passed since the last episode and more than blogging it was about real adventures in this crazy country. Once again Youssef has been visiting me in a foreign country. He has done so in Finland and once again we had a great time discovering my current home country. Together with Jeanette we hiked through the national Park in Anchan. Since we were all not very fluent in the chinese language we asked some deaf-mute chinese friends to write us down the directions. Considering the odds it has worked fantastic and we were a lot of experiences richer. We enjoyed the friendly nature of the chinese nation and were eager to give them a photo opportunity of us as well. Even if nobody in this country can speak english they will never fail to try to help you. Now please enjoy Episode #3!