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December 21, 2010


.. is a very good description for how i feel right now. Sitting on the airport of Helsinki i am waiting for my flight to my old home Berlin. Being filled up with christmas feelings i wanted to share a little christmas card i received from one of my students. I teach german to a crazy bunch of finish first graders since september. Even though i still do not know what i am doing (i am a mechanical engineering student (!)) i have a blast – they seem not to run away – and the weirdest thing is that they even speak a bit german by now. Last week we had our little pikko joulu. To give you a picture: me throwing tons of german candy at them and they returned this with even more cards, drawings and finish candy to me – all in all a reason to feel happy about what i have achieved with these kids and to feel a bit more useful to my new home country of my finland.

don’t anybody correct that minor spelling mistake in the christmas card!

September 17, 2010


For all of you who did not know: My picture of the day is bilangual and by now I am slowly but surly going crazy in this country!

The Land is called finland – My university is swedish – My elemantary school is finish but teaching every midget in german (yes, i am teaching their as well) – I am learning swedish since two weeks – learning finish since three days and i am still struggling with french. The finish

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September 5, 2010

Why can’t we have proper Foreign Ministers??

Last week i had the great opportunity of listening to the Foreign Minister of Finnland, Alexander Stubb. While german polticians still discuss the importance of education as a whole finland has been striving for one of the best lower education system in the world. A national politician coming to a small school of 2700 Students in order to kick of the acadamic year is much more than respect to

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