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March 27, 2011

Elections in Germany

Today we have some pretty big elections in germany. I can not vote (Only people in Baden-Württemberg are called up for elections) but the outcome of today will have some major implications for the national parties as well. One big question is to be answered: Will the small liberal party make it into the parliament. If so, not much is gonna change in the admnistration. If you have seen this video you might find yourself in doubt if they can really make it 🙂 Happy Election day everybody. Go out and vote!

March 9, 2011

Alexander Stubb on German Radio

Just a quick note on one of the politicians that have fascinated me the most in the past year. Alexander Stubb, Foreign Minister of Finland, had a short apperance this morning on my favourite german radio station. Not only can he speak english (in contrast to our own FM – see my story from last year) but he can also speak german. Thumbs up for using a bit rusty but respectful german language on Deutschland Radio Kultur.

Alexander Stubb bei Deutschland Radio Kultur

January 7, 2011

Deers in Germany

Winter and my trip to germany are ending in two days but today i found a wonderful picture in the lovely newspaper of Berlin. Isn’t it awesome how cute this fireman try to rescue the Elch from the german river Rhein?

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