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August 14, 2011

Getting to meet chinese people

One thing I heard a lot before going to China was that Chinese people are rather restricted and don’t like to talk to foreigners. Supposedly that is especially true for going to more untouristic cities like Shenyang. Well, after two days I can’t really agree and have to call it an unjust bias. Going forward to locals has been very easy even though I really ca not speak any good chinese. Never have i felt unsafe or even unwanted. You have to get used to people starring at you all the time (well, who wouldn’t watch at me and Jeanette considering that we are half as tanned but double the height of them) but otherwise we are very much welcomed. Especially parents seem to be keen of letting their children having contact with foreigners. Attached you’ll find a picture of Anthony and his daughter Cindy who gave me a good one hour introduction to my new home at the river last night. It was a good first weekend of some seven months that I am really looking forward to!