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July 16, 2012


BildMy dear Blog Readers,

I know time has passed since my last post – too much time. But be happy about the summer, since I have great plans of revitalizing this little site that has been dormant for such a long time. Since I have returned from china in march I have enjoyed a wonderful half year in munich, which has welcomed me greatly. Unfortunatelly my studies have not forgotten me either and accordingly I have had loads of other things on my mind, than this beloved blog.

This Summer though I will return, to the birth places of this blog. I will revisit articles, meet old friends and will join new friends and document some of their ideas and stories. I look forward to this exciting new time. For one month I will leave central europe and move my centre of living to one of the most wonderful places in north Euroipe. Helsinki here i come. My list of ideas is long, and my mind for inspiration wide open.

What are your ideas i should do? Where should i go? Whom should i meet?

I can’t wait to fly – 2 weeks for inspiration and meditation are left ..

Greets from Munich


May 31, 2011

Finland Trip Retrospective

I have allready posted my best pictures, long pictures and a whole bunch of other thoughts about my trip to finland. Nevertheless i do not want to hold back the little masterpiece that Bene has put together of his and my media collections of finland. Thanks to his brilliant new sony camera and my rugged photo specialist we captured a pretty nice trip through helsinki, espoo and turku. Props to a really great video! Please post a nice comment on his page for this one!

May 23, 2011

Hyvää Suomi!

I just came back from finland this morning. After 4 intensive days in Helsinki and Turku we arrived before our first lecture at 8 am in Munich. After waking up with five cell phones and ten alarms, Maria brought Bene and me to the airport. After some luxurious 1.5h of sleep at night and extensive 2h on the plane the study day was a bit rough. Now, that I am finished I have rewarded myself with a little photo wrap up of the last days – may you enjoy it as much as I do! Thanks to every fin, german, and exchange students that has been a part of my last four days. Extensive descriptions will soon be given, and have already been posted a little bit on Benes Blog. If you want to have the full schedule you can also look through my planning blog post.

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March 28, 2011

My life in Finland – An Erasmus Report

One week after coming home to germany the boring stuff wants to be done. The compulsory Erasmus report is cheerfully beating up my precious time. My university in Munich and the european Erasmus program seem to be all to eager to know what really happened to me in Finland (can’t they just read my blog?!).

I am not very talented at writing those things and thus it took some to write the paper (How do you fit Finland in 3 Pages// Can an Erasmus life and an academic career mix at all?// What did I do their anyway? ..). Finally finished I do not want it to be useless in some office spaces in Brussels. Thinking farther their might even be some useful information for future students in their. Not sure if it helps anybody but please feel free to use it as information, advertisement, or whatever your heart feels when you hear the five letters: SUOMI

Click here to retrieve my study report

Sorry, but this one is german only – anybody wants to translate, feel free to send me an english copy.

March 20, 2011

Good Bye

No word to express my emptiness – I have lost too many friends today, at least it feels exactly like that – i hope that some kind of meaning will come back soon. It is nice to feel appreciated but to realize what one leaves behind is just pain.

Leaving my room today i found a lot of old memories, that have reminded me of the last 8 months – What they have been for me and what was important. A lot of you have dropped by and shared our joined memories. Even though it has not been a produtive packing it was a proper way to review these last ten month. If you did not have enough of these anecdotes I invite you to click my category cloud on the left. Choosing words like Finnland, Erasmus Helsinki, Helsinki, Hyvää Suomi and Teaching should give you a small insight into my diverse life in the northern hemisphere

Thank you for a wonderful playground and exceptional playmates! Be proud of your country and the treasures it holds. I am gonna have to say it one last time: Hyvää Suomi!

January 9, 2011

Tillbaka i Helsingfors – Back in Helsinki

After 2.5 weeks of crazy Berlin i am back in Helsinki. After i have carried 108kg of germany back to Finland i am now happily relaxing in my north european home and drinking my badly missed tea. Tomorrow (actually today) morning I have a chance to catch a glimpse of my new exchange students. Does it really all start all over again? Anyway I’ll make shure to keep you up to date of all the things to come – Until then: Hyvää yötä! Sleep tight!

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November 6, 2010

Flo and Philipp in Helsinki

Since thursday i have to friends from munich here in helsinki. Flo and Philipp decided to end their two week north europe tour in Helsinki. Until monday we are trying our best to explore every corner of this little city. Today we visited the museum of modern art kiasma. Everybody thinking about going their should definetely do that. It’ definetely worth it and should make for a great afternoon. We all loved it and got lost in a maze of color and amazement.

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October 4, 2010

Squirrels in Helsinki

Found in a Park in Helsinki – very cuddly and playfull 🙂

September 24, 2010

Three crazy days

Bene and Youssef with the ice breakers

Three crazy days .. yes that is the essence of what has happened since bene and youssef decided to visit me in helsinki. i spare you the details but we managed it on every single night to be ridiculous and childish – boys will be boys and we shure won’t change that rule. their will be a complete hyvää suomi blog post

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September 22, 2010

Weißwurst Wonderland

6.5kg of Weißwurst – 8 packages of sweet mudstard – 2 friends – everything imported to finland and enjoyed in the wonderful TLK corner – what a great day and evening!