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April 13, 2011

I-Club Poster

Starting this semester I am not any more the President of the International Club at my University. Being an exchange student last semester; I decided that I should step up my studies for this semester.

Anyhow I am still active and for whatever reason my fellow friends have named me (without asking me – or giving me any chance of back talking) the “Head of Design“. After my first project (shooting proper pictures of all the tutors) I have used my relax time in the evening to design something new .. Long talk no sense – I proudly present the first I-Club Poster of this year:

Praises to Lisa, Bene, Abdelo and Wasti for having the longest Skype conference ever, and being productive co-workers via dropbox!

March 31, 2011

HM Kino

Tonight I was asked by a good friend to shoot some pictures for the students movie theater at my university in Munich. Gladly I took on the dark challenge and quit my study day to join the crowd of students who poured in to watch “Wall Street 2”. Already knowing the film I could relax and take on my photography. Quite challenged by the lighting and paying attention not to annoy the spectators I was quite amazed by the shot I am showing in the post. I am quite sure that Christopher has seen me and in that way it is really not a natural set up. Even though I really fell in love with the grain and mood the picture inhibits.

July 27, 2010

Unser kleiner Werbefilm

Seit einigen Monaten bin ich in zwei größeren Videoprojekten engagiert. Der Bewerbungsfilm von Bene ist in der heißen Phase und hoffentlich in den nächsten Tagen fertig gestellt. Welches Projekt dank dem Ende meiner Prüfungszeit heute endlich fertig wurde, ist mein Werbefilm mit Christopher.

Wie schon in einem früheren Blogeintrag mit den ersten Szenen beschrieben, waren wir an mehreren Drehorten zu Gange. Dass das Studium hier in München unbezahlbar 🙂 ist, soll das fertige Produkt nun verdeutlichen. Vielen Dank an Christopher und alle geduldigen Statisten.

Film ab!