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January 24, 2011

Jesufåglar and Jyväskylä the 2nd

Heta being tired after so much german activity!

Monday morning and i am still captured in a weekend mood. I did not go to University today but went as a substitute teacher for three hours (first grade, fourth grade and fifth grade) into “Laajavuoren Koulu”. If i could have ever guessed how much work teaching is i would have never been like that to my former teachers .. Well, i might not have been the easiest student on my teachers.

But i was actually talking about the weekend. I stayed over the past two days in the wonderful small city of Jyväskylä to breathe the refreshing, artistic and relaxing air of my friend Hetas place. Locked in with four girls and loads of strangers in a great 70s house was inspiring. In the wonderful house of theirs i felt just welcomed and relaxed. In the midst of preparing classes for monday (Heta had to translate my lecture :-)), singing and playing music nonstop the Jyväskylä based band Jesufåglar called me up for a spontaneus shooting. People who know me, propably allready guessed that i would never reject such an offer, and so i got the whole bunch out in the snow. Still holding strong to their coffees they pretended to be true finns and used up all their “Sisu” not to have to admit that they were quite cold. In the end everybody was happily warming up inside and i realized once again how much i love this new country of mine. Thanks to the bunch for so much crazy finnishness! See you somewhere, sometime else in this world!

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