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September 12, 2010

Hyvää Suomi – Part 4

in the proximity of Kuhmo

Finally I have finished the editing period of my first two weeks in Finland. Today your are invited to go on our Canoeing trip to the north of Finland. Next to the border of Russia and pretty far in the north, the temperatures and the density of living creatures dropped significantly. Fortunatelly enough the cell phone coverage had been extraordinary even in the national state park where we spend this amazing week. Their

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September 6, 2010

Hyvää Suomi – Part 3

Hy everyone – the new week has started an i decided to use my lunch break in order to get on with my little podcast Series. After Arriving in Helsinki (Podcast 1) and moving to Längelmäkki (Podcast 2) we finally managed to get to

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August 26, 2010

Hyvää Suomi – Part 1

Hyvää Suomi – Long live Finland! In the future my little Video and Photo Blog will carry this little series to keep you up to date of what is happening to me in the land of wood, water and stone (no – here are no people!).

After my long anounced digital suicide in the last two weeks I have now completed my first two days at school. Slowly I am beginning

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August 7, 2010

Jetzt wirklich – endlich auf der Fähre!

Ich kann es immer noch nicht fassen – ich bin tatsächlich auf dem Weg nach Helsinki. Und dank kostenlosem SchiffsWLAN immer noch nicht nahe dem digitalem Selbstmord 🙂 Unser Gepäck (gefühlte 200kg) ist irgendwie auf dem Schiff gelandet und wir überglücklich. Mal gucken, wann wir bei so vielen Glücksgefühlen schlafen können. Anbei

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