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December 22, 2010

Hyvää Suomi – Part 8

Moscow! It has been a long time since i published the first part of my russia trip to St. Petersburg but finally i managed to edit the Moscow part.

What happened that i did it? Well, first of all my exams were finished on monday and i had the opportunity to spend one night at the airport of Helsinki. Heavily armoured with my laptop and loads of motivation i took on the challenge.

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November 3, 2010

Moscow Car Center

I’m sure everybody of you knows the problem: You are looking for a new car. You’ve got a couple of brands in mind but as fate wants it they are allways miles away from each other. Now the people of Moscow have a solution for that common day problem! Last week i saw a very handy place were all “proper” car companies are joined in one defined place and you are not even bothered by some lower class BMW driver. Great Idea? I think i should export it!