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May 15, 2011

Treasurehunt 2011

As last year we have started once again a Treasurehunt for all interntional students of munich. Goal of this competition for the students is to get to know each other, german student, munich and germany a little better than they usually would have. Goal for the Tutors was (as every year) to see once exchange students in the most ridiculous poses we could think of. All in all a mighty nice day with only a little bit of rain.

Thanks to the Organisation Team, Tutors and Exchange Students for some nice hours on a Saturday Afternoon.

May 5, 2011

Meanwhile in Germany

What a long and eventful study day! Not moving much more than from classroom to classroom might not drain you out physically but for sure mentally. I needed a real physical challenge. An abvious one was to run around with a big knife, a cooking pot, a coconut and (most importantly at nighttime) white sunglasses through the center of Munich. Not a good day for coconuts ..

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April 21, 2011

Tour d’Allemagne

In a couple of Hours I am gonna leave Munich to spend a few days in the city of Wolfsburg, which is basically only famous for two of my best friends in Helsinki: Jan and Julia. Meeting up on Friday night with Rainhi and potentially some others from Helsinki as well I will afterwards head to a city: Berlin. Seeing my family and friends after nine months of Finland and Bavaria will give me a chance to do all the things I missed about a home – Easter Egg hunts, endless tickling and photoshoots with the whole bunch included! Tuesday afternoon I will head back to my bavarian homeland. Blogging and contacting might be a bit hard the next days, but after all its easter time right? Just three things you need to do for me:

  • Pray that the german train system works technically.
  • Pray that the german train system does not go on strike.
  • Pray that the german train system works one time as it is written on my humangously expensive tickets.

I do need you prayers! Happy Easter everybody!

April 12, 2011

My parents..

.. have been spending the last weekend with me in Munich. Bringing all the luggage that I could not carry directly, we enjoyed a sunny weekend in the south of germany. Now I have all my belongings in one place again. Its really a weird feeling to be home after eight months of travelling .. Now I am back to normal (thus busy with school) and they are back in Berlin. Flipping through the didgital memories I found two great pictures that I wanted to share.

Munich Skyline as Seen from “Englischer Garten” on Friday evening.

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