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September 27, 2011

Little Accidents and their implications

Some of you have noticed that it has been notably quite on this page for quite some while now.

Reason being is not my usual habit of being depressed with writing, but an incident while having a wonderful weekend in the Town of Fuxin with Jeanette and Toni about a week ago.

Toni is one of our two english learning chinese Kids. Toni had been inviting us to his wonderful family and friends. Of course the peace was not kept long and I quickly began fighting with the little monsters. Little did I know what I had started, when I let myself fall in the most dramatic way and splinted my hand with some wicked corn stump. I spare you the details (and pictures) of the following improvised operation with a wonderful chinese doctor and supporting Toni.

Much rather I want to express my thanks to Jeanette (for putting up with all the work that gets left behind when you have only one hand), Tonis family (for calling a doctor immediately, and him being actually a “clean” one), and the wonderful Team of BBA ISOS Clinic for taking care of a quite nasty infection in my hand for the whole last week. I am not sure when everything will be in order completely again but for right now I am quite relieved with the steps forward!



P.S.: I will reply to all the left behind emails, messages, texts, .. as soon as possible. Stay patient.