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February 16, 2011

Teaching in Finland

Today i got a gift! I know its one day before my birthday but my elemantary school decided to satisfy my desire to play with big stuff one day early. I got a smartbord for my class!!!!!!

Immediately i hooked up my little 13″ Laptop to the 2m by 3m touch surface that is now attached were a blackboard has formerly been. Eager to play around with it i installed all necessary software and had fifteen minutes to play around with it before my first grade found out where i was preparing lecture for them. Once in class i happily wrote, turned, scaled and played with the “Bremer Stadtmusikanten”. I think my children are still shocked by all the technical eqipment in their room but they enjoyed the graphitiing on the white wall nearly as much as myself. I really felt like in minority report – except that i was not hunted by dark criminals but seven year lod monsters.

Has the quality of lecturing improved now? Have my children learned more german? To be honest i am not totally sure since i might have played around too much and brought less attention to my students today. Anyway i see loads of potential and will be able to make my class so much more interactive and media rich. In the end really only one thing has changed: Now my computer is not any more in the back of the room but right up front. My children can reach it and not destroy anything. I can stand the whole time up front and talk to them face to face while showing and creating media content for them. As soon as i have found out how to make make it work in the most effective way both parties are still gonna love it like crazy and learn more german.

Technology forever!