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September 15, 2011

Hongkong Review

Being on the way back I have some time before the next wave of Chinese impressions hits me and I can reflect on a wonderful weekend in the south of china. Actually most of the time has been spent in hongkong (which is not china!) and featured us with a mix of world Capitol and relaxed multicultural way of living. Having spend their four days we experienced a surprisingly calm city who impressed us with it’s clean appearance (one thing you’ll rarely find in Chinese cities) and a nearly hundred percent english speaking population.

Highlights have been the traditional double story trams (I have no clue how the actually hold upright consideringtheirageandbuild), the festivities for the mid autumn festival (the reason why this holiday could be extended to Monday ..), a tour with the humangous cable car and just the best sea food we had so far in china.

In order to skip the usual tourist gifts we decided to provide ourselves with three custom fit suits that we cherished quite a lot and will which continue to go on our way through china.

Honkong has been a blessing and my biggest fear going back right now is only the cold that awaits me in Shenyang. Still I look forward to staying home for the next weekend. After four weeks of straight work and traveling it will be good to have a rest for a short while. Stay safe and tuned for the next adventures to come!

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April 21, 2011

Tour d’Allemagne

In a couple of Hours I am gonna leave Munich to spend a few days in the city of Wolfsburg, which is basically only famous for two of my best friends in Helsinki: Jan and Julia. Meeting up on Friday night with Rainhi and potentially some others from Helsinki as well I will afterwards head to a city: Berlin. Seeing my family and friends after nine months of Finland and Bavaria will give me a chance to do all the things I missed about a home – Easter Egg hunts, endless tickling and photoshoots with the whole bunch included! Tuesday afternoon I will head back to my bavarian homeland. Blogging and contacting might be a bit hard the next days, but after all its easter time right? Just three things you need to do for me:

  • Pray that the german train system works technically.
  • Pray that the german train system does not go on strike.
  • Pray that the german train system works one time as it is written on my humangously expensive tickets.

I do need you prayers! Happy Easter everybody!