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May 31, 2011

Finland Trip Retrospective

I have allready posted my best pictures, long pictures and a whole bunch of other thoughts about my trip to finland. Nevertheless i do not want to hold back the little masterpiece that Bene has put together of his and my media collections of finland. Thanks to his brilliant new sony camera and my rugged photo specialist we captured a pretty nice trip through helsinki, espoo and turku. Props to a really great video! Please post a nice comment on his page for this one!

May 23, 2011

Hyvää Suomi!

I just came back from finland this morning. After 4 intensive days in Helsinki and Turku we arrived before our first lecture at 8 am in Munich. After waking up with five cell phones and ten alarms, Maria brought Bene and me to the airport. After some luxurious 1.5h of sleep at night and extensive 2h on the plane the study day was a bit rough. Now, that I am finished I have rewarded myself with a little photo wrap up of the last days – may you enjoy it as much as I do! Thanks to every fin, german, and exchange students that has been a part of my last four days. Extensive descriptions will soon be given, and have already been posted a little bit on Benes Blog. If you want to have the full schedule you can also look through my planning blog post.

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January 15, 2011

Greets from Turku

Once again i have been going to Turku. This time not only for pure Erasmus pleasure but also for my part time work in the german communtiy of Finland. With around 55 german teachers from all over finland i spent some wonderful hours in the Naantali Spa. Unfortunatelly i have not seen too much of the wellness here, but i head a very intensive time anyway. Thanks to Jan and his great team we had a very nice conference. Oh and just a quick remark: Karhu Kolme smells much better on the sauna stove than this stupid champaign. But that is really another (censored) story :-). Attached you’ll find some pictures from this morning – Hyvää Suomi!

November 28, 2010

Åbo – not only the culture capitol

Yes, i could not wait and had to get a sneak peak of what will be the european culture capitol of 2011: Åbo! Most of you will know it as Turku but since i went their with 2 swinish (swedish/ finish) friends in order to get to one of the biggest swedish finish events of the year i should use their native name as well. Riding their friday directly after school i was fortunate enough to visit a sitz (joint drinking, singing and get together with rules in an student atmosphere) in another city of finland.

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