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April 27, 2011

Panorama pictures of Wolfsburg

I just came home from my five-day trip around germany. In my baggage thousands (I am not Joking!) of pictures capturing the last days. To categorize some of them I have picked up a new testing ground for my photographic skills. Since about two weeks I am pretty engaged in panoramic photography. I can’t really tell you why, but I have never seriously tested this field between photographie and heavy after editing with photoshop. Anyway I have used my time in the Autostadt to shoot some pictures between 120° and 360°. I am not really satisfied with the results and will have to work on the lighting and sharpness of the overall results. Still I want to share some of them and recommend the book that got me started to work on this topic again.

April 23, 2011


Is a wonderfull science center in the heart of Wolfsburg. I have seen mutliple technical discovery playgrounds but this one surely puts itself on the top of my list. Situated in a wonderful designed (even though badly build) structure by Zaha Hadid the museum is all about openness and close contact to the wonders of nature. Massive amounts of guides help you around the different areas and are surprisingly well informed about all the background information of the experiments. I know, that Wolfsburg is knowhere close to anything in germany, but if you happen to have to be their, please don’t miss this chance to go back to be a little boy (or girl). Attached is a small clip of my tour with Julia and some of our shooting pictures around the experiments.

April 22, 2011


I am pretty worn out but very happy about the first day. Lets just summarize all the new experiences in a couple of key words and a wonderful picture:

1,5h of sleep before catching the train at 5:17am// reunion with longingly missed friends// fascinating german car industrie// 759 pictures in 6 hours// Barbecue until late in the night ..

And the picture of Julia and me jumping between the Ritz Carlton and the VW plant.

April 21, 2011

Tour d’Allemagne

In a couple of Hours I am gonna leave Munich to spend a few days in the city of Wolfsburg, which is basically only famous for two of my best friends in Helsinki: Jan and Julia. Meeting up on Friday night with Rainhi and potentially some others from Helsinki as well I will afterwards head to a city: Berlin. Seeing my family and friends after nine months of Finland and Bavaria will give me a chance to do all the things I missed about a home – Easter Egg hunts, endless tickling and photoshoots with the whole bunch included! Tuesday afternoon I will head back to my bavarian homeland. Blogging and contacting might be a bit hard the next days, but after all its easter time right? Just three things you need to do for me:

  • Pray that the german train system works technically.
  • Pray that the german train system does not go on strike.
  • Pray that the german train system works one time as it is written on my humangously expensive tickets.

I do need you prayers! Happy Easter everybody!